Security is essential for every organization and firewall protection is a vital part of any network strategy. However, with perimeter protection coming in various options, making the choice over which one is the best fit for your business can be a challenge.

StiffGuard® firewalls caters to most sizes of organization, from small businesses having limited number of employees, to larger enterprises that should house heavy duty firewall hardware.

With recent data breaches highlighting the importance of securing your network, let our firewall be the first line of defense for your business.

StiffGuard® provides an OSS (One Stop Shop) approach to network protection that includes

✓ Firewall ✓ Intrusion Prevention ✓ QoS ✓ 2FA ✓ OpenVPN ✓ IPSec ✓ CARP ✓ Captive Portal ✓ Proxy ✓ Webfilter ✓ IDPS ✓ Netflow ✓ VPN ✓ Traffic Shapper ✓ Load Balancing ✓ Reporting & Analysis ✓ Effortless Backup System ✓ Health Netflow Exporter ✓ Netflow Analyzer and much more….

We offer two different types of firewall, the enterprise firewall and the next generation firewall, so depending on what you’re looking for, We can tailor to you. Both provide high-performance firewalls particularly suited to larger businesses.

StiffGuard® Enterprise Firewall

StiffGuard Enterprise Firewall

StiffGuard® Enterprise Firewall caters to most sizes of organization, from small businesses to larger enterprises. Order Now